B12 Injections


I’ve been on the B12 journey  since 2005

My G.P had failed to pinpoint a B12 deficiency.  

B12 blood test showed within the ‘margins’ 

It was my neurologist that diagnosed it - by looking more in depth at my blood results (abnormally large red blood cells) &  my symptoms. 

Pins & needles

Numb lips

Brain fog


Chronic migraine


Air hunger 

Zero memory recall 

I had a loading dose of 1 injection a day for 2 weeks and for the first time in years I functioned almost like a normal human ðŸĪŠ

I knew intuitively this was what my body had been lacking. But that moment was fleeting. 

 I’d then be prescribed an injection every 3 months for life. 

What I’d noticed over a decade of a restricted and limited life, and 3 monthly B12 injections was that after 5 days following the injection,  I’d feel well. Normal even.

For about 3 weeks, then my energy levels would fall again, I’d be counting my spoons again. I’d loose 2 months of life at a time. 

I was diagnosed with chronic migraine, chronic fatigue & later  M.E. So resolving my lack of Energy was crucial. 

I know and understand my own energy better than any Dr or consultant I’ve seen over the past 17 years

But it was in the Dr’s hands. 

B12 is prescription only.

I did go through a period of ordering them from Germany and injecting myself. 

I begged and pleaded with Dr’s  to have more regular injections. And I did succeed eventually over years! In getting them every 4 weeks. 

The injections were a life line and 1 every 3 months just wasn’t enough. 

But the same blood test that failed to diagnose me, was used for a long time to say 3 months was enough

Perhaps because my life work is energy. 

Perhaps because I have always been fine tuned to energy. 

I noticed. I felt it. I knew that 

Every 3 months was not enough. 

I knew years ago, that my perfect dose was every 3-4 weeks! 

But the Dr’s had the power. 

Until they didn’t. 

Trained, Qualified & Insured B12 injector here at your service 😊👍

So that I can maintain my own energy levels without depending on Dr’s.  & so that you can too !