What is Reiki?  image
Reiki is The art of connecting to, harnessing and channelling the magic that is Life Force Energy.

I have a free video series “Intro to Reiki” you can access it Here

There are 3 level’s of the Reiki Journey.

level 1 is about connecting to life force energy, self healing, discovering Reiki.

At level 2 practitioner level.
We discover distant Reiki & Reiki symbols. you can get insured and practice on completion of level 2

Reiki Master Teacher is the 3rd & final level of Reiki.
You learn the master symbol, and how to attune others to Reiki.
so that you can go on and teach others the magical art of Reiki 😊🙏🏻

Reiki Practitioner Refresher & Reiki Master Refresher.
These are bespoke 121 training days designed around your needs. To fill in the gaps in your knowledge and prepare you for practicing / teaching Reiki Confidently and with all the tools you need to take the next step on your Reiki journey.
Or to get you back in to Reiki if it’s been awhile since you did your training.