Reiki Level 2 Practitioner

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I'm so excited to be welcoming you to the next level in your Reiki journey 😊💕

minimum requirement - Reiki level 1 

Things get even more magical at Reiki 2 ✨💫

Reiki 2 attunement is a powerful shift, where reiki 1 you hesitantly stepped into the energy. 

Reiki 2 you are saying .. Right! I'm serious! 

And when

You step forward ... the Universe meets you there 😊😊🙏🏻💫✨ 

There is no longer a need to 'prove' reiki exists. 

You have felt it in your heart and senses.

Reiki 2 is a communion between you and the Universe 💛

The next level raises your vibration and your awareness, it takes healing to a whole new concept. 

You'll change how you think and feel, you'll shed  layers. 

This is by no means easy study. 

But it is the best study you will ever undertake. The study of yourself, of who you truly are. Of what you are capable of. 

We'll delve in to distant healing and reiki symbols. 

Crossing time and space, healing past and present. 

We have lots of learning and lots of time to practice and play, to  explore and experiment  😊

and a second attunement 🙏🏻💫✨

I'm excited!!!!!! How about you? 😊😊😊

As a certified Reiki level 2 

( Reiki Practitioner) You can get insured and practice Reiki professionally.

(Small) Group  Training 



ongoing support

approved training provider 

@ be your own kind of beautiful 

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