10 Jul

Keep your worries in check 😊

worry time

There may be thoughts that are necessary, and that you can not ignore all together. 

Researchers have found that thinking and thinking and thinking about the same

Problem will generally, not take care of the problem.

And can use up all of your energy and focus.

A practical way to cope, is to make  an appointment with yourself.

Set aside time daily, designated to 'worry time' 

10-30 minutes is the suggested amount of time we can spend thinking productively about a problem. 

Do nothing else in this time other than focus on the solution, what can you do? What needs to be done? 

This is much more productive than having the worry turn around in your mind all day long and you are much more likely to come

Up with a solution this way. 

At every other time during the day, use the stop technique. "Stop!!! ...I will think about this at worry time"

Let me know how this works for you 

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