10 Sep

I have an issue with my mitochondria, the life force energy of the physical body.

If I do too much, my body doesn’t have enough energy for basic house keeping, breathe, digestion, muscle function.

The heart doesn’t work as it should, kidney function declines. The body goes in to survival mode. My nervous system kicks in full swing. I’m edgy, anxious, and 

Being the idiot that I was for years I carried on regardless. 

Refused to be taken down.

What I learned later as all of this came to light, was that by pushing on. I was taking me down. 

I crash and burn a LOT.

Even these days, with a pacing therapist, the knowledge and Reiki at my finger tips, I still push to far sometimes. 

Sometimes life just happens and it wasn’t my doing at all. 

Sepsis, emotional overload.

Being well is a full time job and Reiki Rest & Relaxation is my


I lived with this for a decade undiagnosed, not knowing what was going on.

I’d gone away for 2 days with my friends, it was a teeny festival at a sculpture park.

I’d gone with the intention of just pure rest. A break from the hamster wheel of life I was failing to keep on. 

A couple of days where there was only me to take care of. 

There was a lady in a barn offering Reiki.

The moment I lay down and her hands touched me. I felt something awaken in me that had been buried under deficiency for years.

I felt that life force energy enter my body and I felt my body soak up exactly what it needed. 

Life force energy.

I didn’t have any understanding of this at the time.

I just knew that Reiki gave me something I was lacking.

I danced that night till about 3 am. 

I was  re awakened. 

I HAD to know how to do this myself.

And as luck would have it my Reiki Teacher came along that very Summer 🙏🏻😊💫✨

It wasn’t a magic cure.

But it was my magic cure.

Life force energy.

I often just ponder in gratitude for some of the worst times of my life at the time, that became gold dust. 

What I always thought was my greatest flaw, not having full health. Not having enough energy. 

Actually is  my gateway to the greatest magic. 🙏🏻😊💫✨

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