09 Feb

This weekend in reiki revive, it’s all about the love bombs ❤️🙏🏻

It got me thinking, You know why I’m so passionate about Reiki? 

Because for me, Reiki is one very easy and beautiful  way of connecting to universal life force energy, to god, to source.

I remember being little and being connected to this magic all the time, I used to play this little game of how many people I could make smile. I sensed sadness. It actually hurt my own heart. To feel the sadness of others. And without really knowing what I was believing and trusting in, I believed and trusted. 

I’d fill their heart with the love and magic I was connected to. 

As I got in to my teens it was lost. Or ignored. But I always still sent love bombs, from a place of hope, not certainty. 

I remeber hoping to get the feeling again in church. 

I didn’t find it in many active churches.but I found it in the empty ones. 

I found it under the willow tree.

I found it by the sea. 

I found it in the beautiful acts of kindness between one human being and another. 

I found it in peaceful rainy days, I found it sometimes even amidst the chaos.

I was looking for home.

Reiki takes me there 🙏🏻❤️

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