29 Apr



What’s your views on permission when it comes to distant Reiki? 

An old teacher once told me, that messing with and tuning in to someone’s energy without their permission is like rooting through their hand bag.

I totally agree.

However, I do find loop holes for just sending love, surrounding people in gorgeous life force energy.

Leaving love bombs ❤️


Whilst it is naughty to start working on somebody’s energy without permission, you don’t need permission to love on someone 😊

We don’t ring our nearest and dearest up and say hey, is it ok if I love you?


So we don’t need permission to send that love. 

To surround them in gorgeous universal life force energy.

To send massive reiki hugs 🙏🏻😊❤️

What’s your thoughts on permission and distant reiki? 


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