12 Apr

Business networking 

What is your take on it?

I still remember with huge anxiety,   my very first experience 

, it was horrific!!! 

I was in a posh golf club place, with people I felt were waaaay out of my league 

All suited and booted and if they didn’t have their shit together they pretended they did. 

I fluffed my elevator speech! Went bright red! Messed my message up, forgot who I was and what  I even did ha!! 

Avoided ALL eye contact 

It was a full scale disaster! 

My brother took me as his guest so there was that added  pressure too.

I avoided networking for years after that!! 

But one of my lovely friends Eileen Herkess is a genius at networking! 

And a real example of the power of networking in business! 

I had a lovely chat with a reiki Practitoner in Portugal recently and his top tip was to network! He explained it so lovely that it made me want to network again! 

So I had a choice, ignore networking forever because of that experience.

Or create my own networking experience that sat with me proper 😊😊😊

Chilled, informal. 

Relaxed, casual, 

Chilled chilled chilled 

First one is Monday 6th June 

And every first Monday of the  month after that 😊👍

My vision is to grow a little group of business besties, supporting each other without the need to impress be someone your not, 

Just to be yourself and share in the truth of owning a business


With learning, skill shares, intention setting and relaxation In The mix! 

And lots of woo woo 😊🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

And our first session a little bit of pampering too ❤️

Be your own kind of beautiful 


6th June  9.30am -12.30 and every first Monday of the month 😊👍


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