07 Apr



This came up in my Fb memories, an experiment me and my kids did back in 2016

I’d read about it but I wanted to see for myself. 

We had 2 jars, each with a slice of apple inside, and with the labels love and hate.

We were mean to the hate jar and kind to the love jar.

We stopped being mean after the first attempt because we felt too mean πŸ€ͺ

So it was just the labels. 

The intention. 

And loving on the love jar.

( we loved on the hate jar a little too because we felt bad for the apple) 

The results were incredible! 

This experiment has been done scientifically, 

One experiment was kids talking to plants nicely or horribly.  Or the one that showed how words and intention  impacted patterns on ice. 

The result are always the same.

Good intent

Kind intent


Sweet words

Manifest one thing.

Bad intent


Mean words 

Lack of love 

Manifest another.

The apples in the hate jar went brown quicker 

The plants in the experiment that were treated kindly and with love, blossomed. The loved water made beautiful ice patterns. 

Our intentions are so powerful.

Our love,  can make miracles πŸ’«βœ¨πŸ™πŸ»

How we love ourselves and love others has such a profound impact.

How we treat ourselves and treat others has such a profound impact. 

The words we use, 

Our intention. 

They all matter ❀️

β€œJust for today,  be kind to every living thing, including yourself. β€œ 


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